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May 16-18th, 2019 (Thursday-Saturday)
9:00am - 6:00pm
Location:  TBA
*Families are welcome, ages 12 and up
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Your Hosts:

Tyler Watson

Tyler J. Watson helps cause-driven entrepreneurs gain skills and master emotions so they can become unstoppable in living and monetizing on their God-given mission while creating an amazing family life.  As a youth he struggled through depression, suicidal thoughts, and addictions to pornography and video games.  These habits effected his marriage and business until he studied on emotions and creating lasting change which helped him break free and live his mission.  He is a sought-after international speaker and coach and author of the #1 Amazon bestselling “The Enrollment Effect.” Most important, he is a passionate father and husband.

Emily Watson

When meeting Emily Watson, the first thing you may notice about her is her smile – radiant enough to engulf an auditorium, yet intimate enough to make you feel you’ve found a long-lost friend. The second thing you may notice is the power of her purpose. In the past eight years she has presented her information more than 2500 times to individuals, businesses, organizations and schools from across the United States and Canada. As a purpose-driven leader, trainer, and mentor, Emily helps people find the root of their personal or professional challenges and transform in just minutes.
Our Fantastic Guest Speakers (Jan 2019 Become)


Vicki Thorpe has coached thousands of individuals and families with an international self-development organization. She trained coaches and has put together programs to make a difference with families. Because of her passion for having lives and families work, she developed her own programs to widen her reach.

Master your emotions so you can have more fun in life
Rid yourself of addiction and sabotage
Help your family feel understood and that they belong
Want to get out of depression and sabotage and get results?...
*What it means to Master the One:
  • Overcome addictions, distractions, or self-sabotage “cycles” that are keeping you stuck
  • Learn WHAT to say and HOW to listen so that you can communicate on any subject with any person without becoming triggered or judgmental
  • Build trust to help those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, and find your own purpose so that you truly LIVE every day instead of just existing
  • BECOME the person who is capable of taking on more responsibility and creating what you want
Do you want to help loved ones who are struggling?
Why does it even matter that you attend with your family?  
Tyler's Story: Growing up, my parents did the best they could in raising me, and they did an amazing job. However, after watching them go through a divorce, I shut down and felt like it was my fault and I wasn't good enough. They would ask me "How are you, Tyler?" and I would say that I was fine. But deep down I wanted someone to understand me. Feeling alone, I put on the mask of "high achiever" in school and acted as if everything was ok. 

I felt empty inside and turned to video games which led to pornography and eventually suicidal thoughts. My heart and soul was screaming for attention but I couldn't express what was really going on inside. I "had to be tough," though, because I was the oldest son. I had to be the perfect example. Later in life addictions and sabatoge affected my marriage, business and how I felt about myself.  I knew there had to be something I could do, but I didn't know what. 

It wasn't until I met my wife, who showed me ways to communicate effectively and safely; and I began to find powerful processes to shift my emotions that I truly felt free again.  I went from someone who had no desire or dreams to being able to align my life with what I really wanted. 

Using the tools and principles I will be teaching in this event, I was able to overcome the addictive behaviors, actually enjoy talking with my wife and family, take my income from $12,500 for an entire year's work (no joke) to create over $135,000 the next year and get my wife her dream grand piano. From there, we have build a multi-six figure yearly income and our business and life have only continued to grow.  No matter what you are going through, there is a solution!
We want to invite you to a three-day transformation that will reshape the way you see your own ability to become whatever you desire in your life.  You may not struggle with addiction and depression in the same way that I did, but I know that if you are taking too long to get your goals, allowing distractions to slow you, or feel like there is more energy you could be tapping into right now, this is the place to be. 
Want to speak at the Become:Master the One event?...
You Have 2 Registration Options
Basic Registration
Become: Master the One
Full 3-day experience including:
  •  Gain tools and skills to master your habits and thoughts
  •  Tap into more energy and motivation to live a life with purpose and passion
  •  Understand symptoms of depression, suicide, and addictive behaviors
  •  Network with incredible likeminded people
  •  Let go of pornography, food, and media addictions
  •  Gain selfconfidence and excitment about life 
  •  Learn from leading experts on the latest techniques 
  •  Leave with skills and techniques to use at home with the family 

VIP Registration
Upgrade to VIP and get everything included
in the full 3-day experience
  • Advanced Training on Friday and Saturday mornings from 8:00 am - 9:00 am
  • Questions and Answers with the Experts
  •  Personalized trainings tailored to your specific situations and needs
Plus you will receive these special bonuses:

The Enrollment Effect Book

Form lasting relationships, Live your ideal lifestyle and impact the world.  This book is a game-changer for any entrepreneur who wants to monetize their passion and truly share their gifts with others.  You will learn to master yourself and gain clients consistently offline.  

Following the Thread CD

The most powerful  communication technique on the planet to help you hear what people are saying underneath their words.  Helps with connecting with spouse, kids, and clients.  By understanding others you can help them take action and commit to their desires.  

Master the ONE...
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August 8th - 10th
Location TBA (Salt Lake City area)
Copyright 2018 - The Freedom Catalyst  *There are no guarantees on any results for overcoming any of the above described issues or symptoms.  Perspectives, tools, and information will be shared, but there will be no "healing" or "prescribing" at this event.  Each person has their own journey and these ideas do not replace or compete with any medical advice or prescriptions made by medical doctors.